Porn-Proof Kids 101

If you’re new to this blog, start by reading these seven foundational posts. They’ll explain the basics of addiction, the brain science no pornographer wants you to know, and how a friend’s nightmare got me started in this fight.

I think you’ll be amazed by what you’re about to learn.

  1. From Fraidy-Cat to Fighter: How I Started Combatting Porn
  2. What Is Porn-proofing?
  3. You Have Two Brains!
  4. How to Create a Porn Addiction in 7 Easy Steps
  5. How to Explain Addiction to Kids by Using an Ice Cream Truck
  6. Porn-proofing: Where Do I Begin?
  7. You Should Be Scared!

3 thoughts on “Porn-Proof Kids 101

  1. Thank you for opening the conversation about the dangers of pornography addiction to the next generation. I have discussed these issues with my children due to their father’s addiction, but didn’t know how to explain the brain connection. Thank you for stressing that all children are at risk, particularly when we don’t talk to them about it. Has your book been published yet? I would love to see it!!

  2. What an awesome job you are doing on this blog! More parents need to be proactive about the problem of pornography in their homes, this is coming from a recovering sex addict who found his father’s pornography at 4 years old. It, along with my family dysfunction, led me down a horrible road of compulsion and addiction.

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